Praise from directors of major planetariums in Austria, Britain,
France, California, Kansas, and Michigan:

"The people love the show! Everybody who has seen it tells me that it is the best show they have seen in the planetarium yet."

"We just had a great experience with middle school students who were very engaged throughout the show. The visuals caused them to break out into cheers and I had thoughtful questions afterwards."

"I called in a group of science center staff, high school students, and university students to a premiere of the "Phantom of the Universe". I can tell you that we were all extremely impressed with the show. Well done. I have often wondered myself how to put physics and the subatomic universe onto the dome, and here it is! Better than anything I could have dreamed up."

"A truly excellent job creating such a compelling planetarium show, one that I think will be accessible to a wide variety of audiences, and – perhaps most importantly – achieves this without diluting the scientific content or authenticity. Those qualities, in my experience are the hallmark of the strongest science education experiences."

"It looks great, there are some amazing 'wow' set pieces and it communicates a lot of complex science in a really accessible way. I think it's fair to say that we'd definitely like to use it here."

"It was a real success. The people were all amazed by the quality of the show. We criticized a lot of other shows presented but yours received only good feedback."

"[We were] so impressed by it, that we would like to launch it as our headlining show for our 4K system upgrade next year! I must say, the content, visuals, and editing quality of the entire production are really incredible, better even than a few big-name shows in the industry that cover similar topics."