For Educators & Planetarium Staff

Presenting a new full-dome planetarium show:
Phantom of the Universe: The Hunt for Dark Matter,
with narration by Academy Award winner Tilda Swinton
and sound by an Academy Award winning team at Skywalker Sound.

The show is free and is 4k (or 2k). Planetariums can download the files for free at this website, or we can send planetariums a hard drive if they give us a FedEx address (street address) and a phone number for FedEx. Please contact us at:

The press release about the show is at:

At the German-language premiere in Vienna Oct. 18, it was shown three times to overflow crowds. The Director of the Natural History Museum told news media that it is "visually stunning and scientifically fascinating". The planetarium director says: "People love the show! Everybody who has seen it tells me that it is the best show they have seen in the planetarium yet." Reviews from other planetarium directors can be seen here.

The show has fantastic visuals of the LHC and the Homestake Mine. It covers everything from the Big Bang to galaxies to a deep underground experiment in the Homestake Mine in South Dakota to the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva. It even has a brief discussion of the Higgs boson.

You can see a low resolution preview version at:

To view the full show online contact us at: